The idol of Jatayu has been made in the form of a bird in the Jatayu Earth Center. This idol is famous as the tallest statue in the world. This place is built on 65 acres, and is situated at an altitude of 1200 feet above sea level on the top of Murti mountain. The idol is made in a lying position, in which one wing is broken and the other wing is up in the air. The total length extending from the tail fin to the head is 200 feet and it is 150 feet wide. This idol is located in Chadayamangalam village of Kollam district in the Indian state of Kerala .

The purpose of creating the Jatayu structure –

The purpose of making it is to protect the surrounding reef and nature . It has also been created because of its relation to Ramayana. It is believed that according to the story based on the Indian epic Ramayana, the bird Jatayu fell on this rock. Apart from this, the sculpture also represents the mythological bird, which sacrificed its life to protect the woman and protect her honor. Hence the statue also stands as a symbol of protection.

Things to see in Jatayu Earth Center –

The walls inside the three-storeyed statue are huge. And there is a big screen inside them, in which you can see the story of Sita’s kidnapping in 6D. On the third floor you can enjoy the natural beauty of Jatayupara from the eyes of Jatayupara. An adventure park has also been built near Jatayu Earth Centre. There is a variety of climbs, commando nets, paintball, rope hanging valley crossing, chimney climbing, shooting, vertical ladder, wall climbing, one hour trekking, archery and rope Burma Bridge.

Who built this building?

This beautiful building has been built by Rajiv Circle. He is a popular Indian film director, sculptor and screenwriter working in the Malayalam film industry. He is also a State Award winner for sculpture from Kerala Lalita Kala Akademi in 1977. Apart from the statue in Kerala, many other sculptures have also been made by him.

Cable car facility for passengers

There is also a cable car facility where you can easily reach this place. These are the best quality cable cars to be brought from Switzerland. It takes only a few minutes to reach the destination from their cars. As of now there are 6 cars, which are capable of carrying 8 passengers in each car. These cars can travel from a distance of 750 meters to a height of 1000 feet. The cost of traveling in these cars is Rs 500. It takes half an hour to reach by foot.

How to reach Jatayu Earth Center –

There are regular bus services from Kollam to Chandamalayam. Apart from this, private cabs can also be booked from Kollam to the park. The massive structure of Jatayu can be reached by a cable car ropeway ride or with a 1 km climb to the top of the hill within the park.