You must have seen the B-town syllabus often roaming the Maldives through social media. Maldives and Mauritius are such travel destinations that people do not go to visit the beautiful islands of India instead. To change this perception, India’s smallest union territory is doing everything possible to woo tourists with a similar experience to Maldives.

Today we are telling you 5 such things about Lakshadweep, knowing that you will leave Maldives and go towards this small and beautiful island.

  1. Water villas to be built in Lakshadweep like Maldives
    Lakshadweep administration said that they want to develop Lakshadweep on the lines of Maldives. Three premium water villa properties with all the world class amenities available in the neighboring country are coming up soon in Lakshadweep. The project is the first of its kind in India, where solar powered, eco-friendly world class facilities will be provided in the villas.
  2. Lakshadweep’s New Crease Tourism
    In March, Lakshadweep proposed a plan of cruise tours with an experience similar to that of Maldives and Mauritius. From big ships to small boats, tourists will have the option to choose the cruise of their choice, which will take them to different destinations of their choice. Will go Not only this, all holiday cruise packages lasting up to 48 hours will also be on offer.
  3. There is also a nude beach in Lakshadweep
    Did you know that India’s smallest union territory has a beautiful, undisturbed coral island, Agatti Island Beach, with the option of not wearing clothes. However, you will need special permission to visit this gorgeous white sand beach covered with green coconut trees. It is also known as Torless Beach.
  4. India’s Secret Beach is Bangaram Beach
    If you are also a fan of beaches in Maldives, then just stop. You must not have seen this secret beach of India yet. Beauty is a very small word in praise of Bangaram Island, the most secret and teardrop-shaped island of Lakshadweep. Beautiful corals will be found on this island, but this place is best for those who are crazy about water sports. Water sports like scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, snorkeling, kayaking, windsurfing can be enjoyed here.
  5. If you are a fan of seafood then go to Minicoy
    If you are a foodie, then Lakshadweep will become your favorite holiday spot. You will get the taste of Kerala in the local food here, but apart from this you will also find many types of dishes here. You can start here with ‘Mus Kawab’ which is a fish curry kebab served with hot rice or roti. If you do not eat this dish, then your trip is incomplete. Apart from this, the fresh crispy octopus fry and the signature face pakoras are also a must try.

Lastly, it is also better to choose Lakshadweep over Maldives because you will not see crowds here. This beautiful island of India will make your heart happy. We sincerely hope that Lakshadweep will not disappoint you.