Everyone is fond of traveling. Some people are fond of camel safari, while some people are fond of trekking. At the same time, some people are also fond of bungee jumping. It was started on 1st April 1979. When some Oxford University students jumped off the 250-foot-high Clifton Suspension Bridge. Because of this, these people were arrested. However, these people continued the campaign of making jumps. After this people all over the world adopted bungee jumping. Today it has become an integral part of travel. People also do not hesitate to go abroad for bungee jumping. If you are also a fan of bungee jumping and want to enjoy bungee jumping in the country itself, then these places are perfect-

If you live near Delhi, then you can go to Rishikesh for jumping. There is a bungee jumping spot in Mohan Chatti, Rishikesh. There are several platforms for bungee jumping at this place, which is 83 meters above the surface at the top. Bungee jumping fare is Rs 3550. All necessary facilities for jumping are available here.

Lonavala is the safest bungee jumping spot. Lonavala is also famous for Chikki and trekking. Here the jumping platform is 45 meters high. Where a leap is of 4 to 5 minutes. Jumping is allowed for people over the age of ten. The fare for a jump is Rs 1500.

Bangalore is also the best spot for bungee jumping. There is also a jump from a crane which is very dangerous. Apart from this, there are many platforms. You can enjoy the adventure jump here from a height of 80 to 130 feet. The name of this spot is Ozone Adventure.

If you are a fan of bungee jumping, then you must definitely enjoy jumping once in the gravity zone. You can easily find this spot on Anjuna Beach. You can jump from a 25 meter peak here. Its fare is only 500 rupees.