There are many such places across the country, which open on their own time and also close on their own time. Such places attract people the most, because people wait for a whole year to visit these places. Now look at Kedarnath or Badrinath Dham itself, the doors of these temples open twice a year, once in summer and once in winter.
If we talk about Delhi, then here too there is such a place, which opens only once in a year, that too only for a month. We are talking about the Mughal Garden place in Delhi, which opens in the month of February and closes in the month of March. Let us know, in which month you will be able to visit this place.

Mughal Garden opening time –

According to the information, this year the Mughal Garden is opening from February 12 and in March it will remain open till March 16 and after that it will be closed. During this time you can plan to go here with your wife and children.

Important information related to Mughal Gardens –

  • The date of opening of Mughal Gardens is 12 February to 16 March 2023.
  • To go, you will have to register yourself on the official website there within 24 hours.
  • Keep in mind, do not register on the same day you are going to visit.
  • You can take mobile phones into the Garden, but cameras are not allowed.

On which days will it be closed?

Mughal Garden remains closed on Monday every year. This year also something similar, do not plan to go here with your family on Monday. Apart from this, you can plan to visit on any day.

There is no answer to beauty

There is no answer to the Garden in terms of beauty. Different species of flowers are seen here. Surrounded by colorful flowers, this garden looks beautiful. Fountains all around, herb plants add to the beauty of the place.

Nearest metro station –

The nearest metro station to reach Mughal Gardens is Central Secretariat. From here you can get down at Rail Bhawan and walk till gate number 35 of Mughal Garden.

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