New Delhi, Lifestyle Desk. If you want to enjoy natural views, then there is a lot of sight to visit Himachal. Himachal’s Pabbar Valley is a wonderful confluence of natural scenes. If you want to go to offbeat destination then Pabber Valley is the best destination for you. Thousands of shades of nature are scattered in this valley. There is also a chance to do many adventures activities here. The view of the deodar and oak green forests, beautiful rivers and waterfalls present here adds to the beauty of this place. Apart from the natural beauty, there is also a reserve forest and nature park where you will see all the colors of nature. So let us tell you about some of the best treks in Pabbar Valley where you can plan a trip to Vikand.

Gadsari Cypress Trek:

Gadsari Saru trek is one of the rarest treks in the entire country, accessible by even the most experienced trekkers on this trek route. The trek route passes through deep forests and quaint Gadasari village and finally ends at the beautiful Sarayu Lake which is at an altitude of 11,865 feet. The trek takes almost a full day to complete which is extremely challenging.

Reserve Forest and Nature Park:

Apart from the natural beauty of Pabbar Valley, seeing the Reserve Forest and Nature Park will also be very pleasant. This place will make you soul-by-soul with natural colors.

See snow mountains with greenery

If you want to enjoy the snowy mountains in the cold season, then you can enjoy the snow on the high mountains here.

Khadapathar Kuppad Trek:
Khadapathar Kuppad trek is the most famous trek which is an easy trek in Himachal Pradesh’s Pabbar Valley. It starts with Khadapathar, which is the main village in this area. You will have a good time here amidst beautiful views.

Zanglik-Chandranhan trek:
For the Chandranahan trek you will have to travel to Janglik village and then embark on a challenging journey through rhododendrons, cedar and oak trees, gleaming rivers and dense forests of rivers.

Rohru-Buranghati Pass:
The trek is quite enjoyable and you will find apple orchards, small scenic villages and sparkling rivers on the way. The trek starts from Rohru and ends at the snow-capped Buranghati Pass at a distance of about 4578 meters which offers a panoramic view of the entire valley.