Everyone is fond of traveling. Some people like to go to a quiet place, while some people like to go to places full of adventure. There are many places in the country that are famous for adventure-filled trekking. Generally the best time for trekking is the rainy season. Additionally you can enjoy trekking in every season. If you want to witness thrilling experiences and plan to visit, then you can visit these places. Let’s know-

Rajmachi is a fort which is close to Lonavala. From here you can see Sahyadri border and Shirota Falls. Trekking at Rajmachi is extremely easy and takes just 40 minutes to reach the top of the fort. There are two caves for this.

The distance from Pune to Visapur is 78 km. The path after Lohgarh to reach the peak of this fort is a bit difficult. There are several waterfalls at the peak of Visapur Fort. During the rainy days this place looks very beautiful. There are water bodies close to this valley. At the same time, the view of Pune-Mumbai National Highway from the fort is worth seeing.

The distance from Pune to Harishchandragadh is 118 kilometers. It is not only a fort, but it is situated in the forest. The top of the fort can be reached by five different paths. It takes a long time to reach the top of the fort. The view of the sunset from the top of this fort remains to be seen.

According to historians, at one time the capital of the Maratha Empire was Rajgarh. It is located at a distance of 50 km from Pune. Tracking on the Rajgarh Fort during rainy days is no less than an adventure. Pani Kund and Balekilla are both major attractions of the fort.