New Delhi, Anurag Mishra. These days you are completely locked in the house due to lockdown. There is no doubt that being imprisoned in the house for such a long time becomes boring for anyone. However, to defeat Corona it is necessary to do so now. In such a situation, if you want, you can take a virtual tour of some special places, museums etc. in the country and the world. On one hand, while the knowledge of you and your children will increase, on the other hand, you will also avoid boredom. For this, you just have to resort to your computer or laptop and with one click you can visit more than 2500 museums of the world. Let us know which big museum, museum you can see sitting at home-

National Science Center, Delhi ( “rel =” nofollow )

Gallery of Pre-Historic Life can be seen at the National Science Center. In it you can learn about animals that were extinct centuries ago. You can learn about nuclear energy technology, dummy, new and old technologies of the country. You can also see their magnificent gallery. You can also see the National Science Center by clicking on this link “rel =” nofollowwalk-through / .

National Council of Science Museum ( “rel =” nofollow )

There are 25 science centers / museums / constellations functioning across the country under the National Council of National Science Museums. Vigyan Nagar, Kolkata, Birla Industrial and Technological Museum, Kolkata, Nehru Science Center, Mumbai, Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum (VI), Bangalore and National Science Center, Delhi are its national level centers.

You can tour here by clicking on “rel =” nofollowvirtual-gallery / . You can do a tour of “rel =” nofollow National Science City, Kolkata through it.

Visvesaraya Industrial and Technological Museum, Bangalore

The Visvesaraya Industrial and Technological Museum (VITM) has a dinosaur enclave. You can also see Spinosaurus here. You can do a virtual tour by clicking on this link “rel =” nofollow .

In addition, there is the Wright Brothers plane area. Here is a replica of the 1903 Wright Brothers aeroplane. In addition, there is Science on Spear Corner. In this, you can get complete information about the universe, the sea and the atmosphere.

There are many exhibition halls here. These include Engine Hall, Electro-Technic, Fun Science, Space Technology Gallery, Science for Children Gallery.

National Museum of Indian Cinema

The museum also houses a Children’s Film Studio. Where Croma Studio, Immersive Experience Zone, Interactive Multiscreen Theater, Interactive Studio, Stop Motion, Animation Studio, Virtual Makeover Studio, Sound Effects & Mixing Studio, Photo Studio etc. It contains all the information related to Mahatma Gandhi and cinema. Along with this is the National Museum of Indian Cinema. You can do a virtual tour through this link “rel =” nofollow .

Culture Foundation

In this foundation, you have information about Museum Eveready Ort of India 1 and 2, Museum of Indian Terricotta, Culture Museum of Indian Textile, Visual Artist Studio, Writers Studio Bedroom etc. You can do a virtual tour from this link “rel =” nofollow .

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

In the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, you can visit the Museum Support Center and Research Stations, A Few Other Smithsonian Tours, Permanent Exhibit, Past Exhibit, Current Exhibit etc.

You can do a virtual tour by clicking on this link “rel =” nofollow .

The Indian Museum

The museum houses Barhat Gallery, Bird Gallery, Botanical Garden, Bronze Gallery, Coin Gallery, Decorative Art, Insect Gallery, Egypt Gallery. One can see birds, all kinds of insects, rare coins etc.

You can visit the museum by clicking on this link “rel =” nofollow .

National Gallery of Modern Art

In the National Gallery of Modern Art, you can see the gallery of miniature painting, Kalighat painting, Bengal School, Jaimini Roy, Gangadharnath Tagore etc. For this you have to go to the link “rel =” nofollow “rel =” nofollow .

British Museum, London

Through this link “rel =” nofollow you can do a virtual tour of the British Museum. Here you can see the Great Court, Rosetta Stone and the Egyptian mummy.

National Gallery of Art, Washington

American fashion from 1740 to 1895 can be seen in the American Art Museum.

Link- “rel =” nofollow

Musi d’Orsay, Paris

In this gallery you can see the magnificent work of French artists. The work done during 1848 and 1914 can be seen in it.

Link: “rel =” nofollow

View museums around the world from this link

Through this link “rel =” nofollow you can see 2500 museums of the world online and you can do virtual tours of many. One can see The National Gallery, UK, Orcopelis Museum, Greece, Tatte UK, UK, Museo Raina Sofia, Spain, Museum of Fine Arts, Hungary, Eiffel Tower, France etc.

You can also see these museums online

Victoria Memorial – “rel =” nofollow

Archaeological Survey of India- “rel =” nofollow

Museums of India – “rel =” nofollow

National Museum- “rel =” nofollow

National Gallery of Modern Arts –

Salarjung Museum, Hyderabad-

Napier Museum –

Kite Kite Museum, Kolkata- “rel =” nofollow

Some important links to see the museum- “rel =” nofollow “rel =” nofollowvirtual-gallery / m “rel =” nofollow

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