Madhya Pradesh cherishes the diverse culture and heritage of the country. One of which is Burhanpur district, where you will find many places to visit. So let’s go to one such place towards Asirgarh Fort.

The historical and impregnable fort of Asirgarh is situated on the high hill of Satpura on the banks of the Indore-Ichhapur highway. Its first part is called Malayagarh, the second part is called Kamargarh and the top is Asirgarh. This fort full of secrets attracts everyone.

These kings ruled
It is said that before 1375 AD, a person named Asha Ahir used to do animal husbandry at this fort. This brought so much money to him that the surrounding king-emperor used to take a loan from him. When this news came to the Sultan of Khandesh, Nasir Khan Farooqui, he surreptitiously took his authority over the fort.

In this way the fort came under the Faruqi kings. The Faruqi dynasty ruled from here for 200 years. In the year 1601, the Mughal Emperor Akbar took possession of the fort and after that the Mughal conquest of South India began here. The fort remained with the Mughals until 1731. After that, Nizam Hyderabad became the authority on this. By 1800 AD, this fort was dominated by Marathas and around 1830 it was taken over by the Scindia family. By 1857, it passed into the hands of the British.

History testifies to the fact that the British controlled the entire Malwa province, South India and states like Maharashtra from here. The British evacuated it in 1906. Since then no one has any right over it and from there the story of the destruction of this fort started. Even today it is counted among the major forts of India. Apart from all over the country, tourists from abroad also come to admire it and get familiar with its history and mysteries. Tourists also come here for adventure. Being on a hill, it also attracts trekking enthusiasts.

How and when to go
Indore is the nearest airport to reach here, 190 km away. From there one can come by road or by bus or by private means. Winter and rainy times are right for visiting here.