Heading out for a short trip to Rishikesh and worrying about an affordable place to stay? Despite being worst hit by the pandemic and the lockdown last year, India’s travel and hospitality segment is slowly witnessing a resurgence. Displaying resilience in the journey of recovery ahead, Zostel, which represents a community-led ecosystem, is stepping up with offerings in highly popular travel locations, the most recent ones being in Rishikesh and Panchgani.

From the time when lockdowns began to ease, Rishikesh has consistently been ranked among the most popular weekend getaways for Indian travellers, alongside other popular travel spots such as Goa and Kochi.

Zostel confident of new launches in 2021
Dharamveer Singh, Zostel’s CEO expressed delight that Zostel has made a significant impact that generates immense real estate market value. He also expressed confidence about reopening new and exciting launches in the coming months of the year ahead.

For those who long for a slice of scenic beauty, Zostel recommends its Panchgani property as it is surrounded by forests and strawberry farms.

Affordable living option in Rishikesh
Meanwhile, for backpackers, students and those travellers who enjoy adventure along with a dash of community living, Zostel Rishikesh offers an affordable experience with a mere 15 minute walk away from the city and located at the edge of the sacred Ganga.

Keeping its young travellers in mind, the Zostel Rishikesh has been a success in terms of recording a 9.37% increase in its year-on-year revenue, followed by a whopping 132% year-on-year ROI on its property in Rishikesh, which continues to be a top favorite amongst backpackers who are on the lookout for comfortable and affordable accommodation.

Financial Express Online had earlier highlighted the findings of an early January 2021 travel survey by Zostel. The findings were that travellers are keen to explore hill stations near Delhi and those located in Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

For those who enjoy traveling to places like Rishikesh, affordability is a key factor and there’s nothing better than a safe and comfortable stay in the midst of community living to make it a real life experience.