Temple in Chennai
Temple in Chennai

Like any other Indian city, the prominent south Indian metropolis Chennai too is peppered with myriad famous and ancient temples. Whether you are a religious person or just a traveller, you can always opt for a tour of the temples in Chennai. All these temples, exhibiting excellent craftsmanship, are thronged by visitors and devotees year-round. Admire the traditional Dravidian architecture of Kapaleeshwarar Temple, worship Lord Krishna at the old Parthsarthyswamy Temple or visit the replica of Sabarimala Temple—Ayyappan Temple, there is no dearth of religious places to visit in Chennai. Devotees can also pay homage to Lord Muruga at Vadapalani Andavar Temple and worship all the eight forms of Goddess Lakshmi at Ashtalakshmi Temple. Follow our extensive guide to get an insight into the prominent religious centres in Chennai.

Parthsarthyswamy Temple
Situated in Triplicane, Parthsarthyswamy Temple is one of the oldest shrines in Chennai, built during the 8th century.

Kapaleeshwarar Temple
Kapaleeshwarar Temple, built in the 7th century, is an old shrine located in Mylapore, Chennai. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, it is one of the most revered and impressive religious places in the city,

Vadapalani Andavar Temple
Vadapalani Andavar Temple, dedicated to Lord Muruga, is a prominent temple in Chennai. Built around 1890 in Vadapalani, the temple was just a thatched shed initially, which was renovated in the 1920s.

Ashtalakshmi Temple
Located near Elliot’s Beach, Ashtalakshmi Temple in Chennai is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi and her eight forms. Ashtalakshmi is considered as the giver of wealth, success, knowledge, prosperity, courage and food. The sh…more

Kalikambal Temple
Kalikambal Temple in George Town is a famous shrine dedicated to Goddess Kalikambal (Kamakshi) and Lord Kamateswarar. Initially, the temple was built close to the seashore,

Ayyappan Temple
Rajah Annamalaipuram Ayyappan Koil, also known as Ayyappan Temple, is a prominent shrine dedicated to Lord Ayyappa. Constructed by the renowned businessman of Tamil Nadu M.A.M. Ramaswamy