Nowadays trekking tour is in vogue. People do not hesitate to travel the country and the world for trekking. However, due to the delta strain of the corona virus, there has been a massive impact on the tourism sector. Lockdown was imposed in many states of the country for several months to break the chain of infection of the delta strain of corona virus. Now the lockdown has been removed after the reduction in the number of infected. Along with this, tourist places are being opened in a phased manner. This creates a wave of happiness among the tourists. Tourists are planning to visit. If you are also fond of adventure trekking and are planning to go on a trip, then definitely visit these places. Come, let’s know everything about it-

pin parvati track
According to experts, it takes 11 days to complete Pin Parvati Tracking. Experienced trekkers are advised to visit the Pin Parvati trek. Dangerous river crossing path, boulder pool and dangerous path makes the trek thrilling while trekking.

Chadar Trek
Chadar Trek is open every year from mid-January to mid-February. During this, a large number of tourists come for trekking. According to the Meteorological Department, the temperature on the Chadar trek goes down to minus 30 degrees Celsius. It takes 9 days to complete the sheet tracking.

Goechala Trek
There is Goechala trekking in Sikkim. This place is famous all over the world for its beauty. You can visit Kangchenjunga from Goechala. If you are a fan of adventure trekking, then definitely go to Goechala.

stoke kangri trek
It takes eight days to trek to Stoke Kangri. Only experienced trekkers should go for the Stoke Kangri trek. The Stoke Kangri trek is counted among the most difficult treks. Its height is 20 thousand feet above sea level.