The festive season is about to begin. In this season, people have enough time during the holidays. During this, people travel across the country to celebrate the holiday with their friends and relatives. However, during the Corona epidemic, while leaving the house and while traveling, take necessary precautions to prevent the infection of Covid-19. Strictly follow the guidelines issued by the government and also instruct people to follow the rules. If you are also planning to visit in the coming days, then definitely visit these places to enjoy Horseback Riding. Let’s know-

Darjeeling is a very popular hill station located in West Bengal. A large number of tourists come to visit Darjeeling. West Bengal is famous from the east especially for horse riding. Jalapahar is situated in Darjeeling, also known as Pony Stand. From here one can observe the natural and picturesque view of Darjeeling. Jalpahar has suitable facilities for horse riding. Whenever you go to visit Darjeeling, then definitely go to Jalapahar for horse riding.

Mahabaleshwar is located in the south of Mumbai. It is a famous hill station of the Western Ghats. Mahabaleshwar is the center of attraction for tourists. The natural view of Mahabaleshwar is worth seeing especially during the rainy days. Horse riding at sunset is considered the best. For this, go to Mahabaleshwar, then enjoy horse riding at sunset.

Generally Pushkar is famous for Camel Riding, Pushkar Mela, Temple of Brahma Ji and 52 Ghats. Also, there is a proper arrangement for horse riding in Pushkar. Simply put, Pushkar is a better destination for horse riding. You can ride Marwari horses in Pushkar. The names of Marwari horses are written in golden letters in the pages of history. According to historians, Marwar horses are famous all over the world for their bravery. Whenever you get a chance, definitely visit Pushkar once.