Well, there is no dearth of places to visit in India. Here are the places to give you a feel from Switzerland to Africa. Along with these, there are also such places where you will feel a different peace and relaxation and it is not less in beauty in any sense. So today we will tell you about some such villages in India, where visiting will be a very memorable experience.

Kalap, Uttarakhand
Those who like peace and relaxation should definitely visit Kalap village in Uttarakhand once. Few people know about this village settled in Uttarakhand, so there is no crowd of tourists like other places. This small village is situated amidst dense deodar forests. The village can be reached by trekking. Which is really a wonderful experience because there is a chance to see many beautiful views on the way.

Panamik Hot Spring, Leh
150 KM from Leh Far away is the village of Panamik. Which is famous all over the world because of its hot water spring. The hot spring between the snowy mountains is really surprising. This village can be reached from Khardungala La pass. After this beautiful and unique village comes the glacier of Siachen.

Mawlynnong, Meghalaya
This village of Meghalaya has the status of the cleanest village in India. Apart from cleanliness, the greenery and beauty of this place are also made on sight. 90 KM from Shillong. The distant Mawlynnong village is such that if you do not see this coming to Meghalaya, then your journey is incomplete. There is a different peace and quiet here. Apart from this, it is also not less than a surprise to see a bridge made of living trees in the village.

Poovar, Kerala
People living in India will be well aware of the beauty of Kerala, but if you want to enjoy some different sights, come here and move towards Poovar village. By coming to this village situated on the southern end of Trivandrum, you will take a different experience with you. There is no dearth of beautiful beaches here to enjoy the holiday.