Everyone is crazy about long drives. People travel from one city to another with their car on weekends for this. They say that this gives them an opportunity to get to know the city closely and to taste the local cuisine as well. However, there are some people who are fond of adventure and go on long drives to do stunts. If you too are fond of adventure and want to drive on dangerous roads, then definitely drive on these roads once. According to experts, driving on these roads requires special skills. Let’s know-

Three Level Zigzag Road
This road is located in Sikkim. Its height is 11200 feet above sea level. This road has over 100 hairpin-like curved turns. For this it is extremely difficult to drive on the Three Level Zigzag Road. One has to take permission from the local administration to drive on this road. Heart disease patients are not allowed. From here you can see the unique view of the Himalayas.

Collie hill
Kolli Hills is just 47 kilometers from Tamil Nadu. These hills are extremely dangerous. There are more than 70 winding turns on this Kolli Hills, which are not easy to drive. This hill is also called the valley of death. However, the dense forest and the beautiful valley add to the beauty of the hills.

Rohtang Pass
Rohtang Pass must have heard its name. It is 53 km from Manali. There are many circumambulation turns on this road. It is situated on the highest peak in North India. Rohtang Pass is open from June to October. After this, the roadway is closed due to snowfall. Careful drive is mandatory on this road. Apart from this, you can also enjoy adventure on Munnar Road, Chang-La, National Highway-22 etc. roads.