New Delhi, Lifestyle Desk. The city of Varanasi has special significance since ancient times. The city is also known as Banaras and Kashi. Varanasi, situated on the banks of the Ganges, has many sacred ghats. Where Puja-Aarti is done daily. One of these ghats is Tulsi Ghat. This Ghat was later called “Lolark Ghat” It is said. The temple of Lord Surya is situated on this ghat. It is believed that bathing in Lolark Kund fulfills the desire of getting a child soon. During the Bhakti era, this ghat is named after Tulsidas ji. A grand fair is organized at this ghat in the month of Bhadon. During this, Krishna Leela is performed. While Lila ends in the month of Karthik. Krishna Leela Natya Manchan was started by Sant Tulsi Das ji. There is a deep connection with Saint Tulsidas ji from this ghat which is still alive today. It is at this ghat that Saint Tulsidas built Hanuman temple. Pooja aarti is performed regularly even today. If you ever go to Banaras, then definitely visit Tulsi Ghat. Let us know why devotees must go to Tulsi Ghat- So go to Tulsi Ghat once. Let us know why devotees must visit Tulsi Ghat- So go to Tulsi Ghat once. Let us know why devotees must visit Tulsi Ghat-

It is believed that Saint Tulsidas Ji composed Ramcharitmanas in the period language at Tulsi Ghat itself. According to the legend, when Sant Tulsidas ji was writing Ramcharitmanas, Ramcharitmanas slipped from his hands and fell into the river Ganges. However, Ramcharitmanas neither drowned nor submerged in the Ganges river and floated on the surface of the Ganges river. Then Saint Tulsidas ji entered the Ganges and reclaimed Ramcharitmanas.

It was at this ghat that Ramlila’s play was staged for the first time. After this, the temple of Lord Rama was established at Tulsi Ghat and the drama of Ram Leela began to be staged. It is at this ghat that Saint Tulsidas ji merged with the five elements. The remains associated with them are still preserved at this site. Among them are the idol of Hanuman ji, wooden pillars and pillow.

A large number of tourists visit the Tulsi Ghat. Especially in the month of Kartik people come more. Dev Diwali is celebrated in this month. Also, Krishna Leela is also depicted. It is said that taking bath and meditation in Lolark Kund fulfills all desires. For this, if you go to Benaras, then definitely go to Tulsi Ghat.