Who does not like to travel, but right now when there is every possibility of the arrival of the third wave of Corona, in such a situation, this hobby has to be kept safe for the time being. Or if you are going to roam, then follow the Corona guidelines issued by the government seriously, only then you will be able to enjoy yourself while keeping yourself safe.

Let us know which things should not be ignored while roaming around.
1 . Make plans to travel only with those people who have not been a victim of corona in two to three months.
2 . Wherever you are planning to go, if it is possible, then go there by your own car. Use public transport sparingly.
3 . Certain terms and conditions have been made for entering each state. Know about them and make full preparations because a little carelessness can spoil the whole plan.
4 . To keep yourself as well as others safe, do not avoid wearing a mask at all.
Plan such places which are unexplored, meaning there is little chance of crowd coming there. With this, you will be able to roam in a comfortable place while following social distancing.
5 . Of course, it will not be possible to wash hands every time while traveling, so carry hand sanitizer with you.
Clean the hands of children along with you, keep them also wearing masks.
6 . While traveling, avoid eating in such places where there is a lack of cleanliness. The problem of typhoid also becomes very quick during monsoon.
7 . After walking around and coming back to your room, definitely take a bath.
If you take care of all these things, then you will definitely be safe while traveling and even after coming back.