Big news is coming for pilgrims going on Haj during the Corona period. According to the news, the Haj Committee of India has made the corona vaccination mandatory for Haj pilgrims going to Mecca-Medina. Simply put, the Haj pilgrims will now have to apply both corona vaccines. Only then will Mecca be able to travel to Medina.

Giving more information about this, Maqsood Ahmad of Haj Committee of India said that this decision has been taken following the latest instructions of the Indian Consulate in Saudi Arabia. Further, he said that the passengers applying for Haj pilgrimage will have to take the vaccine by themselves. Haj pilgrims should ensure that both the vaccines have to be vaccinated before going to Mecca-Medina.

Earlier last year, the Saudi Arabian government banned the entry of foreign Hajj pilgrims to prevent the spread of the corona virus epidemic. Due to this only local citizens were able to perform Haj. This year, the Haj pilgrimage begins in the evening on 17 July and ends in the evening on 22 July. Explain that due to the second wave of corona virus epidemic, the number of infected people is increasing. Due to this, parteans can also be affected. At present, no final decision has been given about the Haj pilgrimage.

What is Haj  

The Haj pilgrimage has special significance in the religion of Islam. Haj pilgrimage is done in Zil Hijjah in the last month of every year. In the religion of Islam, both men and women have the provision of Haj pilgrimage once in their lifetime. It is a symbol of unity and belief in Islam. For this, Muslims from all over the world reach Saudi Arabia for Haj pilgrimage. At present, the holy month of Ramadan is going on.