Everyone is fond of food. People go to all parts of the country to taste delicious food. However, traveling in the Corona period should be avoided. For this, you can taste delicious flavors around you. Especially in Delhi and its surroundings, you can taste delicious food in a low budget. If you do not know, then let us know-

Shri Shyam Rasoi, Nangloi
This kitchen is located in Nagloi, Delhi. Here you can taste many types of flavors. This service lasts from 11 am to 1 pm in the day. Sweets including rice, vegetable curry, chapati are also available daily in Shri Shyam Rasoi. Sweets are made in pure ghee.

MA Foundation, West Delhi
The foundation is run by a woman named Muskan. People from around West Delhi come to taste Maa Foundation flavors. It is said that food is available on low budget in Ma Foundation. Here, Rajma, Chole and Kadhi – rice, roti and raita are eaten daily.

Grandma’s Kitchen, Noida
Anoop Singh started Dadi’s kitchen in 2015. This is a very famous kitchen in Noida and Delhi. People come from far and wide. Today the service of grandmother’s kitchen has shifted from stall to aerated (ac). You can enjoy dal-rice, vegetables and sweets here. The biggest thing is that a plate costs only 5 rupees.

Devdoot Food Bank, Gurugram
It is a community kitchen in Gurugram. Rice, lentils, chapattis, pickles and sweets are available here for 5 rupees. If no one has money, they are fed food for free. Apart from this, children and adults are also fed free of cost.