India is famous all over the world for its civilization and culture. Along with this, India is also known for Ayurveda and Yoga. Apart from this, there are many world famous tourist places in India, which are popular for their specialties. One of these places is Udaipur. The city of Udaipur is included in the shooting list of not only Bollywood but also Hollywood for its beauty. The beauty of Udaipur is seen in many Hollywood movies. James Bond based film Octopussy has also been shot in Udaipur. Every year a large number of tourists come to visit Udaipur. This city is called the city of lakes. If you also want to visit Europe by staying in India, then you must visit Lake Pichola in Udaipur. Come, know everything about the beauty and specialty of this city-

Features of Lake Pichola
The James Bond based film Octopussy has been shot at the Taj Hotel located on Lake Pichola. This lake was constructed in the year 1362. According to historians, the Pichola Lake was built by Banjare under the rule of Rana Lakha. Pleased with its beauty, Maharana Udai Singh got Pichola Lake expanded. A dam was built on the banks of this lake. It is an artificial lake.

The water of this lake is pure and clear, which adds to its beauty. The length of Kshil is 3 miles and breadth is 2 miles. At the same time, its depth is 30 feet. Lake Pichola is very beautiful. A large number of tourists visit Udaipur. Especially go to Udaipur for romantic vacations including Wedding, Pre Wedding, Honeymoon and Babymoon. At the same time, Lake Pichola is the best spot for photoshoot. Also there are many other lakes in Udaipur, which are as beautiful as Lake Pichola. However, Lake Pichola tops them. Whenever you go for a walk, you should definitely see Lake Pichola once.