The Government of Kerala has issued a Standard Operating Procedure for people coming to the state on short journeys for essential work. If you too are going on a short trip to Kerala, you will not necessarily have to go to Quarantine. The Government of Kerala has given this information by issuing an order. Earlier people arriving in Kerala were required to live in quarantine.

As per the government order, this concession is only for people coming for the purpose of business, official work, business, medical care, court litigation, examination and property management and for this they have to take admission from Kovid-19 Jagratha portal . Students coming to the state for educational purpose can stay for three days before the examination and three days after the examination.

District collectors, district police chiefs and other department heads have been instructed to ensure that standard operating procedures are strictly followed. The period of travel under this is seven days and the person should leave the state on the eighth day. If the passenger fails to meet the conditions, he will be sent in a 14-day institutional quarantine or in a quarantine he will have to pay.