New Delhi, Lifestyle Desk. Rajasthan is famous worldwide for its beauty. Every year a large number of tourists from abroad come to Rajasthan. There are many historical and natural places for tourism in Rajasthan which add beauty to the beauty of Rajasthan. Apart from this Camel Safari is also a center of attraction. If you are also planning a Camel Safari in the coming time, then definitely know these important things. Camel safari in Thar i.e. desert is nothing short of a pleasant dream. However, due to weather change you may have to go through many troubles. The necessary precautions are necessary for this. If you do not know about this, then let us know-

In lieu of consulting the street guides, get the correct information by visiting the tour operator center. You can also consult tourists (tourists who have enjoyed safari) for this.

Usually two days Camel Safari takes place in Jaisalmer. You have to spend one night in the desert. After a few hours of Camel Safari, tourists stop for food and relaxation. Hold the saddle firmly held at the time of the camel’s sit and rise. This helps maintain physical balance.

  • You will get enough things to eat in Jaisalmer Desert. Apart from this, you can also order the order of your choice. For this, we have to tell in the past.
  • The tourists are given a cot to spend the night and a very warm blanket to avoid the cold. Since Thar gets cold in the night time. So, you can take warm clothes with you. If you want to spend the night with the stars, you can contact the camp center for this.

Weather in Registan varies. It is cold at night and hot during the day. For this, keep clothes with you for both seasons. During the day, wear goggles to protect the eyes from the ultra violet rays and dust of the sun.

-With lotions, goggles (goggles), scarves and hats, insect repellent (pesticide protection), toilet paper, flashlight, hand sanitizer, money, warm clothes to protect against cold during morning and night and waterproof cover for camera Must keep

Do not throw garbage in Registan. For this, keep a trash bag with you.

-To return the tour operator center from Kamal Safari, give tip and feedback to the guide.