If you are planning a holiday in which you have not already booked and suddenly your plan has been made, then consider Sangla Valley in Himachal Pradesh . This tourist destination is perfect for a seven-day summer holiday. Sangla Valley in Kinnaur district of Himachal is close to the Tibet border. After driving about 220 km from Shimla, you will reach the beautiful Sangla Valley. Sangla is also known as Twin City because it is close to Kalpa town of Kinnaur Valley. This place is full of natural beauty.

This road trip starting from Shimla will reach Rampur via Narkanda and will enter Sangla Valley from Rampur. You can also stop at Narkanda and Rampur. The fort of the royal family Virbhadra Singh is also present here in Rampur. It is a great place to see. You will find many sightseeing places in Sangla Valley. The beautiful BSP river adds beauty to its beauty. It is a tributary of the Sutlej River. Adventure sports such as river crossing, trout-fishing, bicycle trekking are done here. It is here that the famous Kand La Pass falls, where you will see high mountains of snow.
Brahm Kamal
Sangla Valley is famous for Brahma Kamal. Nature lovers go trekking to the mountains beyond this valley just in search of Brahma Kamal. It is said that Brahma Kamal is such a flower, in which thousands of colors can be seen. People here believe that this flower is full of supernatural powers. It is a very beautiful shining star-like and lotus with magnificent aroma. It has also been called the king of flowers in the Himalayas. This lotus blooms after midnight.

How to reach
Delhi From Delhi, you can go to Chandigarh and further by bus or taxi or even by car. Also you can go by road from your car. The distance between Delhi to Sangla is 567 km. You can reach Sangla by air from Shimla. You will easily get airplanes from Delhi to Shimla. From Shimla Airport you can take a taxi to Sangla.

to stay You will get many facilities to stay in Sangal. You can also stop at Travelers hostels like Jostel and Chitkul. If you want to feel like home, then you also have the option of homestay. Negi Homestay, Folk Tales, Aditya Homestay are more popular. Hotels like Batsari, Igloo, Debbhumi, Tridev Bhagwati, Aryan the Classic, Mahima and Banjara Camp are also present here.