Before independence Hyderabad was known as Nizam. The city is famous all over the world for its historical site, architectural art and chicken biryani. However, very few people know that Hyderabad Street is also known for shopping. The street shopping experience in this city is very pleasant. There are many markets in Hyderabad including Begum Bazaar, Lad Bazaar. Where, you can do the shopping of your choice on a low budget. When you get a chance to go to Hyderabad, then definitely go shopping. Let’s know-

Lad Bazar
This market is also known as bangle market. This market is very close to Charminar. This is the center of attraction for Bangles lover. This market is very crowded in the evening. Apart from this, one can also buy jewelery, silk sarees and perfumes here.

Mozzam Jahi Market
This market has been in Hyderabad since the Nizam’s time. The market is named after Mozzam Jah, son of Niza Nizam Mir Osman Khan. Here you can see a lot of stalls along the roads. Where, chicken, meats, fruits, perfumes and dry fruits can be purchased. In this market you will also find a Karachi goat shop.

You can also do street shopping in Nampally, Hyderabad. In this market you will easily find bags, jewelery, bangles, shoes, slippers in a low budget. Every year in the months of January and February, exhibitions are held in this market, in which you can buy top class items at cheap prices.

Begum Bazar
Begum Bazaar is called the capital of Hyderabad. This market has been in Hyderabad for 150 years. Decoration and home furnishings are sold in this market. You can also buy cosmetic, perfume and jewelry here. It is the largest market in the city of Hyderabad. It is said that this market is traded across the country.

Koti Market
It is famous just like Begum Bazaar. This market seems to be from the time of British rule. Koti Market in Hyderabad counts among the top. You can buy jewelery, bags and slippers of your choice here.