Surfing in the rainy season is a different fun. A large number of tourists visit the beach to enjoy surfing. However, while traveling during the Corona period, strictly follow the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs. This can protect you and your entire family from infection. Please tell that due to the second wave of Corona epidemic, tourist places were closed for a long time. Now after the situation becomes normal, tourist places are being opened once again. If you also want to enjoy surfing in rainy days, then you can visit these places. Let’s know-

Kapu, Karnataka
The state of Karnataka is famous for its culture and civilization. It is believed that a large number of Lingayat sect followers live in Karnataka. There are many religious and tourist places in this state. One of them is Kapu Beach, which is also known for surfing. Spread over a kilometer, this beach is best for surfing people. Kapu Beach Low Tendency Waves Rise. This beach is open for tourists from 4 pm to 6 pm in the evening. If you want to visit Kapu, the nearest airport and major railway station is Bangalore.

Maravanthe, Karnataka
This beach is located in the state of Karnataka. However, this beach is smaller in comparison to Kapu. A large number of tourists come to Maravanthe for surfing. Maravanthe is famous all over the world for its beauty. Surfing is not very popular among the locals. For this, there is a suitable beach for safe surfing during the Corona period.

Varkala Beach, Kerala
Varkala Beach is located in Kerala. You can go to Varkala Beach for surfing. It is counted in the beautiful beach. There are also surfing schools that help freshers. Apart from surfing, you can spend beautiful moments at Varkala Beach.