In the summer season, people consume more and more soft drinks (sugarcane juice, mango emerald, vine sorbet) to get rid of the heat. This keeps the body hydrate and transmits energy in the body. Also you get instant freshness. Many different types of summer drinks are available across the country. If you are planning to go on a picnic in the summer season and want to enjoy summer drinks on a picnic, then you can visit these cities. The soft drink popularity of these cities is all over the country. Let’s know-

Pyar mohabbat fun, delhi
In the Jama Masjid, Delhi, the capital of the country, one can see pink-colored love-loving fun soft drinks near many vendors during the summer days. It is prepared with spirit, sugar, watermelon ice. This sorbet is very tasty. For this, people call it Pyaar Mohabbat Fun.

Milk Cola Drinks, Kolkata
This is a famous drink of Kolkata. People from all over the country come to Kolkata to enjoy milk cola drinks in summer. Especially the milk cola drink of Kolkata’s Balwant Singh shop is unique. It is made by mixing milk, mixing cola, sugar and ice cubes. A liter of milk cola costs 150 rupees.

Piyush, Mumbai
Piyush sales in Mumbai increase during the summer. This drink has been invented by the owner of the copper Aarogya Bhavan. This drink is prepared from Shrikhand and Buttermilk. Saffron is mixed together. It tastes very special. Whenever you go to Mumbai, be sure to enjoy the soft drink Piyush.

Jill-Jill Jigarthanda, Tamil Nadu
This drink is available in Tamil Nadu during summer. This drink is prepared from almonds, rose leaves and milk. This drink is called Jill-Jill Jigarthanda. In Hindi, it means cold drink. If you want to enjoy a drink during the summer season, then definitely visit these cities.