Due to the many cultures present in India, there is an opportunity to enjoy different types of cuisines here. The street-food here is famous all over the world and you will find something special to eat in every city. It is important for every tourist who comes here to get to know the city through its street-food. You can learn all about the city from the street life and the food there.

Rajasthan Travel Tips: If you are planning a trip in March, then definitely visit these 5 cities of Rajasthan
Rajasthan Travel Tips: If you are planning a trip in March, then definitely visit these 5 cities of Rajasthan
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So if you are also a food lover, definitely visit these 6 cities.

  1. Lucknow

This historic city of Uttar Pradesh is also present in the list of food lovers. This is because if you did not eat the street food here, then what did you eat? Here you will find many types of biryani and vegetarian food, from wonderful tunday kebabs.

  1. Delhi
    There is no doubt that Delhi is the brightest city in the country and street food is the specialty here. You will love the chaat found here, as well as the famous golgappas here you can eat anywhere. Apart from this, you can try Chole Bhature, different types of biryani across the city. Delhi is also known for momos.
  2. Kolkata

You can call this city the king of street food. Everyone’s choice of food is available here. From bao in China Town to cheap street street Bengali food and kathi rolls, you must try it all. Also enjoy puchka and sweets found here.

  1. Amritsar
    Home to the holy Golden Temple, Amritsar is an active city full of amazing wonders, one of which is street food. You must eat the famous Amritsari Kulcha here, and drink a big of lassa along with it. If you go here in winter, then eat makki ki roti and sarson ka saag too. If you are a fan of non-veg, then you can also try things like butter chicken, chicken tikka.
  2. Mumbai
    This city may be known for its glamour, but it is also a place where you will also find one to one street food. You cannot leave this city without eating Vadapav, as you will find it in every corner of the city. Apart from this, you can also try Misal Pav, Bombay Sandwich and Parsi food.
  3. Madurai
    This city is said to be the soul of Tamil Nadu and Madurai is definitely one of the best places to visit. The roads of Madurai are amazing, you will find many types of food here. From a variety of dosa to idli and non-veg food, this city of Tamil Nadu is the best for food lovers.